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Forum Rules www.jakebuggforum.go-board.com

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Forum Rules www.jakebuggforum.go-board.com

Post by Paulina on 4/29/2013, 9:27 pm

1. Below forum rules (including possible future changes) applies to all registered members of The International Jake Bugg Forum -> www.jakebuggforum.go-board.com
2. Published posts and comments on the forum are private opinions of forum members. Administrators and moderators are not responsible for the content of these reviews.
3. Writing a post on the board you should be aware that at the time of its publication, it becomes part of the service, and its removal may be impossible in the future.
4. Intentionally breaking the rules will result in a warning, being banned (temporary or permanent) or deleting an account.
5. Keeping an order on the forum and following the rules by forum members will be supervised by the administrators and moderators.
6. You should know that the forum is based on free script provided by www.forumotion.com server so the administrator does not affect the lack of certain features and amenities, their malfunctions or failures of the server.
7. In case of any failure of this forum, you can check whether the General Website of the http://www.forumotion.com/. If it does not work well and you get the message like "Server not found" - the problem is independent of us. This can mean the server failure or maintenance/service works, which usually last from a few hours to several days. Sometimes it can happen, so do not panic - we can only wait for the forum restoration.
8. In cases of dispute and/or not included in the forum rules, the final decision is made by administrator.
9. (Your) Posts edited by the administrator will be written in blue color.

Every user has the right to set up a single account/nickname (register once) on the forum. It is forbidden to use two or more accounts, as well as sharing it with banned users. If you want to create a new account (with a simultaneous resignation of the previous one) then you need to get the permission of the administrator (in appropriate cases).

Start posting with introducing yourself in section: Fans – About Us – Introduce Yourself (1st Post!) -> http://jakebuggforum.go-board.com/t12-introduce-yourself-1st-post
Let us know you!

1. Spamming – do not multiply posts with the same or very similar contents (including links, images).
2. Trolling - do not write posts with a premeditation, on purpose, to call fights mainly by insulting, arrogant, aggressive contents etc.
3. Posting comments, links, photos etc. which are illegal, offensive, insulting etc.

1. Write your posts one after another in short time intervals - it unnecessarily extends the topic. If it is necessary, use the "edit post" to make changes.
2. Delete the content of your posts, then the thread is unreadable. Before you write, rethink it!
3. Overuse colored fonts, emoticons and capital letters - it causes chaos and is quite difficult to read.
4. Create very similar or identical topics that have already been discussed in the forum. If it is necessary, use the "advanced search" of topics/threads to make sure if they are already there.

1. In one post you can put max 5 pictures, the other onces may be added as the links. The maximum size of posted images can be 640 x 640 pixels.
2. If you quote the images try to turn them into a link.
3. The max allowable size of avatar is 100 x 100 pixels.
4. The max allowable size of the signature is 450 x 100 pixels (if your signature is in the form of the image). If in your signature, except the picture, additionally there are picture subtitles, please fit in 2 more lines (the standard size font). If the signature is just a text (without any picture) that should be within 255 characters. Too big signatures really distract attention from subject and are quite difficult to read.
5. Adding on the forum photos or other materials, be sure to copyright. Try to always provide/specify a source. Due to online copyrights, you can directly insert only photos taken by yourself and if they do not belong to you or are found on the network, just insert the links. There is an additional advantage: lower server load and more effective operation of the forum.
Please, pay attention - we cannot risk breaking the law and close the forum.

Adherence to the forum rules should be in the interests of each forum user/member to a stay and a visit here were comfortable for all of us and allow us the smooth forum operating.

Regards to all members, wishing you a successful cooperation!


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